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Today Red Robin Launched a Beer Milkshake!

Sep 12, 2012 -- 1:29pm


Are you ready to celebrate Oktoberfest?

Red Robin is, and only slightly ahead of the rest of us.

Curious? Of course you are! I was, so here is how it is made; Sam Adams Oktoberfest draft, soft serve vanilla ice cream, vanilla syrup and caramel. It is available to customers 21 and over for about $5 and will be sold until November 11.

You wouldn’t want to JUST have a beer milkshake, what kind of Oktoberfest spirit is that? Red Robin will also be featuring warm pretzel bites, served with beer cheese and beer mustard. There's also the return of the Oktoberfest burger made with a toasted pretzel bun, beer mustard, melted Swiss cheese, sautéed onions, ham and lettuce.

While they may not have invented this concoction, (I’m sure some college kid has mixed this up at more than one late night party) so far they are the only ones selling it.

Moral of this tale: I WILL find a Red Robin, and I WILL be celebrating Oktoberfest there!


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