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A Strip Club in Canada offer Tuition to Aspiring Dancer

Sep 04, 2012 -- 1:20pm


Those dancers who are “just dancing to pay for school” have it a little easier in Canada in one strip club.

The owners of Leopard’s Lounge say the recent changes in Canada’s immigration laws have stripped them of many dancers. They are hoping to increase their staff with this new help. Previously the club  was able to rely on foreign women to lap dance, as many as 800 visa were given to aliens working in the Canadian adult entertainment industry. However, the Canadian government recently passed Bill C-38, which disallows temporary working visas for foreign women coming to Canada to work as exotic dancers.

Students who work at the club can receive up to $1,700 in tuition for full or part-time class work at area colleges or the University of Windsor. There is one catch, while dancers know “D”s may pay, in this instances its only “B” that will get you this tuition money, any dancer participating must keep up a B+ average.

“The girls can take any class they want to help better themselves,” owner Robert Katzman told the Toronto Sun. “We have girls studying business, finance, to become nursing assistants and one taking chiropractory.”

General Manager of Leopard’s Longer, Barry Maroonesaid paying for college by bumping and grinding isn't a new concept and estimates "hundreds" of women have been strippers while at school, including, he claimed, a dancer from Bulgaria who is now a nurse in Los Angeles and a former employee who operates a florist’s shop.

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